An about-the-blogger kind of page, I guess.

I don’t really know how to introduce myself because I suck at things like that and to be quite honest, I have no idea how to answer the question “Who Am I?”. I’ll try anyway, for the sake of having a decent About Me page on this blog (even though I have no idea who would bother to read this).

So, hi. I’m Ron. I am eighteen years old and I live somewhere in Asia. I am currently a college freshman studying BA Communication Major in Multimedia Arts. I have no idea why I took this course. I have non-existent drawing skills. I have a boring imagination. I don’t have the right eye for photography and film. But still, I took this major. That is how purposeless my life is, taking college courses without any clear reason at all. Or maybe, well… I do remember having those moments when I wanted to learn about drawing and graphic designing and stuff like that. I don’t know. I’m just undecided like this.

I am an introvert which means yeah I don’t really like hanging out with people and being loud and partying. I prefer being alone at home, reading a book, surfing the net, pigging out, or even just staring at space with my mind blank. There are times though, when I just drown into a surge of my thoughts (which, most often that not, leads to me being all sad and depressed). I started journal writing back in high school, when our teacher required us for our homeroom class. I have loved writing ever since because it’s one of the few ways where I could express myself. I don’t really like talking as I’ve said before and writing just kind of like liberates me from the thoughts that are tangled in my head. Today, I own three full journals and I have one which I don’t really write that much into now, since college is so busy and I am just not in the mood for journal writing these past few months idk. And since I am most of the time on the internet, I figured I could make a blog to make-up for the time I did not write on my journal… I just contradicted myself there, didn’t I. I have no time for actual journal writing but could find a time for blogging. I don’t understand myself either.

I love and appreciate all genres of music but currently, I am veeeeery much obsessed with K-Pop. I have no idea how it happened. I used to hate K-Pop with all my heart but the world really moves in mysterious ways. Who would have imagined that I would be losing my sanity over a bunch of Korean guys and girls dressed in outrageous costumes and dancing to ridiculous pop tunes? Well, I couldn’t care less. My world just kind of revolves around K-Pop right now. I wouldn’t know how my life would go on without it.

There are so many things about me that I would like to write here but that would only make this long and boring. So, I guess if you want to know me more just read my blog entries.


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